Fixed UPVC Windows

If you are living in a tight restricted area or locality which restrict you from having a wide open view of outside serenity then fixed UPVC windows are a boon for you. The exclusive feature of these windows is that they are fixed and cannot be opened. We are manufactures of different style of UPVC fixed windows and offer wide range of choice to our clients in this regard.


  • Ideal for centrally air conditioned office buildings.
  • Use of comfortable interior which is both noise free as well as pollution free
  • These are highly recommended for kitchens, bathrooms and A.C bedrooms
  • Provides dual benefit as one can enjoy lush green outside serenity along with the comfort of the home.

How and why of Fixed Windows

  • ation
    • Before proceeding installation one should follow clear guidelines to avoid defects
    • Joining walls should be well plastered before installation of windows from both sides.
    • Cavity for installation of new window should be free from obstruction
    • Proper shimming of every window at plumb level is needed
    • Variation difference in height, length and width of cavity should not exceed 12 mm
    • Sill width should be more the width of window frame

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