Casement UPVC Windows

A casement UPVC window is the one that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at its side. We are exclusive manufacturer of multi style UPVC casement windows. The exclusive feature of casement windows is that they never become outdated and their demand is evergreen. They are apt to different range of archaic and ultra modern buildings also. The exclusive features of these windows include they are quite safe and it is difficult to break into from these windows. So, the use of these windows minimizes the safety concern of the clients and they offer a wide open view of outside serenity.


  • Resistive against high intensity force
  • High strength and weatherproof
  • Offered in multiple colors, and sizes as per preferred choice of clients


  • Allows no passage of noise, dust and air
  • Offers insulation from noise
  • Maintains security of interior from dirt, dust, etc.
  • Customized system for gaskets.

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